... to the Christian Deliverance Study Group.  We hope these web pages provide you with helpful information about the Ministry of Deliverance.  It is intended as a guide to those have unusual, perhaps troubling experiences that might be considered paranormal.  Those offering Christian ministry may find help here in understanding what they might otherwise find incredible. 
Please note that this website is closing after 19th August 2016.

Deliverance Ministry seeks to make real to those who feel possessed, oppressed or afraid, the overcoming of evil by our Saviour Jesus Christ, so that his living presence may bring peace.


The Christian Deliverance Study Group is used by the Bishops of the Church of England to help with training for Advisers in Deliverance Ministry in each Diocese. It does not provide ministry directly to those who are troubled by paranormal experiences.

Usually a Bishop's Adviser for Deliverance Ministry will have a team to work with including access to professional mental health support. He or she will rely on the continuing pastoral care, prayer and sacraments offered by the Priest or Chaplaincy through which the first approach was made. It is done with the minimum of publicity.

Its origins go back to a Commission chaired by the Bishop of Exeter in the 1960s.

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